Troops Edit

There are three types of troops and 4 tiers. Each tier has a barracks level requirement (1, 15, 30, 40) and a troop that stands out. The three types of troops are Light, Medium and Heavy. The circle of death goes light>heavy>medium>light, but it should be noted that any unit can beat another if you have enough leadership. Capacity is the last category on the troop stat page and it refers to how much resource a unit can carry when you're farming resource tiles or raiding other players.


Light: Edit

  • These are as they sound, fast, low dmg and high dodge.
  • The tiers 1-4 are: militia, Commando, Nikita, and Phoenix
  • Militia are trash and should only be used until you you can use something else.
  • Other light units will have the highest Dodge Bonus and speed compared to other units. It is possible to make a medium unit faster but only if your opponent is relying on his base speed stat.
  • It is unclear how Dodge, Crit and Accuracy bonuses stack up when you have multiple skills that affect them. I am going to try emailing the devs.
  • These units gain column damage once you get tier 3 talents. This allows them to hit front and back units for full damage.

Medium: Edit

  • Medium units are your all around units.
  • The tiers 1-4 are: Striker, Mini-gun, Siren, and Iron Squad.
  • I'd like to point out that tier 3 and 4 both have really nice Bonuses that make me think they will be more useful than Light or Heavy. Though don't expect to ever go first as their speed is lower than both heavy and light.
  • Medium troops get row damage from tier 3 talents. So they'll hit the full row doing full damage to 1-3 units.

Heavy: Edit

War Machine
  • Heavy units have the highest base damage, defense and health, but their bonuses don't really kick in till you get tier 4, War Machines.
  • Heavy tiers 1-4: Guardian, Rocketman, Armored Car, and War Machine.
  • These units also have the largest capacity rating and take up the most space per unit.
  • They are dreadfully slow and I believe that a Phoenix might be able to attack twice before a War Machine fires a single missle. No one has hit level 40 yet so no way to check this yet.

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