PvE: Explore, Resource Tiles, World Bosses Edit

The PvE content in this game is the easiest way to level up your heroes early on. Exploration requires energy for each fight and gives decent experience and chests that provide evolution materials and skill books.

Resource tiles vary in level with higher level tiles giving higher amounts of resources and are defended by zombies of varying difficulties. Theses are initially PvE but once obtained your hero and troops become fair game for PvP fights and to acquire the full amount you have to leave your units there for your timer's duration. Please note the full amount is not the tile's max amount but your troops' max capacity.

World Bosses require energy just like Exploratoin and Resource Tiles, give a random material or book and also provide a league chest. The quality of the chest varies based on the level of the boss fought. The chest is received after you beat all of the troops the boss has even if you don't defeat the boss. You can only receive these chests if you are part of a league.

PvP: Leagues, Raiding Edit