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Skill Effect
Heavy Soldier ACC Increases Heavy Soldier Attack Accuracy
Heavy Soldier CRIT Increases Heavy Soldier Critical Attack Rate
Heavy Soldier DOD Increases Heavy Soldier Dodge Rate
Heavy Soldier SPD Increases Heavy Soldier Speed
Heavy Soldier DEF Increases Heavy Soldier Defense
Heavy Soldier ATK Increases Heavy Soldier Attack
Heavy Soldier HP Increases Heavy Soldier Health Points
- -
Master of Heavy Soldier Increases All Stats of Heavy Soldier
- -
Energy Armour The activator will be given an energized coat of armour - their defence will increase while attacking them will cause the enemy to be wounded.
Repair Revive a % of dead soldiers in the activator's position, dependent on trigger rate.
Smash This attack is a sure hit with tripled damage, dependent on trigger rate.
King's Shield Immune to damage taken next time, dependent on trigger rate.
HE Warhead This attack is sure to hit with doubled damage, dependent on trigger rate.
Shock Highly decreases the target's speed next turn, dependent on trigger rate.

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